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"WHEN LIFE IS SLOW" with Laura 

Embracing life at a slower pace.

Returning to the beauty of simplicity ~ combining crafts and nature.

Connecting to yourself, others and Nature by Slowing down.

When life is slow .png

Photo by Sarah Bell

Through "When Life is Slow" I share my passion for products that need time and attention to be made.


With my Slow made ceramics I want to make a different sound in this fast-spinning world. Visit the SHOP slowly.


The ceramic pieces for daily use invite you to pauze for a moment leaving behind the rush and stress of the every day. Inspiring you to find your own pace within the stillness.

Working with this earthy material has brought me to many places. From Australia and New Zealand where I had two different working experiences in Potteries during the past few years - to the place I call home now.


 Back home in the Netherlands, I created my own pottery studio. Thanks to my grandmother who also used to work with clay. Her tools, kiln and boxes full of glazes are still used by me on a regular basis. 

"When Life is Slow" functions as a platform to create time and space for creativity, to connect with nature, through clay.

The workshops I teach have grown from a desire to pass on the experience of working with this slow craft. This earthy material shows you to be humble, surrender to the moment and most of all slows you down. Get in touch with the slow art of clay during one of the workshops and spark your creativity. See WORKSHOP AGENDA for upcoming clay moments. 

May When Life is slow plant seeds of inspiration for you to stand still for a moment and when continuing slow or fast may it be at your own pace.



"CRAFTERS OF TODAY" :  What is your vision for a responsible, resilient, and human-focused future, through crafts?

ME : I see crafts as a key component to keep growing in a healthy direction. Through crafts, we connect with so many elements: nature, others, ourselves, and what we make.
I believe it’s really deeply ingrained in our nature the need to connect with these elements, and that the more we move from it the more we crave it. I also think it’s something that we are not going to lose.
I hope that in the future we can move forward but also integrate the knowledge that we have from the past into the current present.

Read more here about my


in the interview. by

" Crafters of today" 

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