Time for a new adventure

After graduating in Fine art from the Royal Academy of Art in 2014, The Hague, The Netherlands, I decided to travel by myself to the other side of the world. It was time for a new adventure.



Growing up I always spend time outside in nature; in the countryside in Belgium where my grandmother lived. Where together with my sisters, we were tracing down trails of foxes in the woods, climbing trees, and rolling down hills, grilling sausages above a fire we had built, and eating home grown veggies.


Longing for spaciousness - simplicity and connection to nature - I was drawn to explore the Australian continent.

When Life became Slow

In Australia, I found myself living in the Australian Outback at the "Pilliga Pottery", a creative place in the middle of the Pilliga Forest, which is mainly self-sufficient. All the pottery is made from local clay and time has its own pace.

This was where my love for working with clay begun.

Ever since I have surrounded myself with the material, creating pieces inspired by the new places I explored.


Later, during my time in New Zealand, I worked at a pottery on Waiheke island in the gulf of Auckland. Here, I had the opportunity again to learn more about ceramics. At that time I started going to local markets on Saturday to sell my handmade jewellery.

"Since I am always with my head in the clouds - dreaming about my next adventure - Working with my hands and clay brings me down to earth".

After all I did not have to go far...

Upon returning to the Netherlands I discovered my grandparents ceramic equipment that were hidden away in the garage.

My grandmother had been a sculptor and worked with clay, and my grandfather had been a chemist assisting her with mixing the glazes. With all their tools, glazes, recipes, and even a kiln, I set up my ceramic studio in the garage at my family home.


This is the place where I now offer pottery workshops and make all my creations, all inspired by my recent adventures and the future ones to come in this low country that I call "Home".


Many thanks to the potteries and their potters who created the space for me to learn and develop my skills.


Have a look at their creations!