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"WHEN LIFE IS SLOW" is about - reconnecting with the present moment, returning to the beauty of simplicity, combining crafts and nature, and enjoying life at a slower pace.

Working with this earthy material has brought me to many places. From Australia and New Zealand where I had two different working experiences in Potteries during the past few years - to the place I call home now, where I have created my own little pottery studio with the tools from my grandmother who as well used to work with ceramics.


Moreover, working with this element has brought me back to nature. 

"When Life is Slow" functions as a platform to create time and space for creativity, to connect with nature, through clay.


I will share my work inspired by my SLOW ADVENTURES on this platform. You can collect a ceramic souvenir in

THE SHOP. Additionally, I offer WORKSHOPS set in my studio based in the Netherlands, so you can experience the world of clay for yourself!

So enjoy, slowly 




"Since I am always with my head in the clouds - dreaming about my next adventure - Working with my hands and clay brings me down to earth".