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"Slowing down with clay"



Working with my hands and this earthly material have taught me to slow down. It is a creative process that asks for attention and patience and therefore trains you to be in the moment.
These workshops offer the space for you to experience the slow art of clay. 

During this workshop you will be shown hand building techniques such as "pinch pot" and "coil building" that have been used since the beginning of time.

This way you will be just using your hands to make your own ceramic creations in a simple and satisfying way. Whether you want to make a set of cups, a plate, bowl or candle holder, you are free to decide, you are the artist!


Find upcoming workshop data below held in my home studio in The Hague.

It is also an option to choose the date/time/location for a workshop yourself when gathering a group of min 2 - max 6 people. Feel free to contact me for further details and pricing.



We will be working with an white, earthy and sandy coloured stoneware clay. At the end of the workshop you  choose a glazes as a finishing touch. All clay creations go back to my studio where the slow clay process is continued.


It takes 1,5 week before the pieces are completely dry for the first firing. Then the glaze is applied by me followed by the final firing. It can take up to 3/4 weeks before your clay creations are ready.

In The Hague we can arrange a pick-up time. Sending the ceramics is also possible, but please bear in mind that you will have to pay another 6.75 euros for postage.




Slow afternoon working with

your hands and clay

(no previous experience needed)

Experience "Slow art of clay"


Learn  basic "Handbuilding" techniques

(without pottery wheel)


Make your own clay work

to use in your daily life


Clay, firing, glazing

included up to 4 pieces


Enjoy some

drinks & healthy snacks

Join workshop?

Save your spot by making a booking below.

After booking further information about the workshop will follow.

For questions contact at

W O R K S H O P   D E T A I L S

3 hours - Clay handbuilding workshop 


95,- pp single ticket

in group workshop

"Create your own Slow workshop moment"

contact me for more details and pricing

Location: Home studio city center

The Hague, NL

Workshop English / Dutch spoken

**due to current covid-19 regulations - the group will be small and the 1,5 m respected at all times. Please only come if feeling healthy, for us all to remain happy! Otherwise contact me in time so we can reschedule your participation.

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