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Bringing nature's stories inside your home

These handcrafted vases are made in and around my garage studio nestled between the dunes and the North sea coast. Here I spend my days with my both hands in the clay as well as in the soil nurturing my flower and vegetable garden. My inspiration flows when spend time outdoors and this is where I collect the stories told. Leaving each vase with a unique story from nature to be told.

This series of vases is made within a time frame of the 4 seasons.

In my creative process I let myself be guided by nature's cycles. 
Our relationship to nature plays a central role in many of my handmade ceramics.


Telling the story of 
 Wild summer days

Most days you will find me with my hand in the clay 
or soil 



Spending time in my garden and nature leaves  me reached,  inspired to create again        

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