This collection of ceramic beats was inspired by the green volcanic islands of New Zealand. Venturing through its incredible nature, the traditional stories of the Maori became alive.

Summer 2018-2019 Waiheke Islands - New Zealand

Volcanic hills overgrown with green, black sandy beaches, rough coasts with foaming waves, and lush forests full of ferns and mosses made me fall in love with this magical part of the world.



Whilst living on Waiheke Island and working at a local Pottery, I used my time developing new skills and working on my own collection of jewellery.

Joining the Saturday community market with my jewellery stand became part of my routine.





In Maori mythology, the world begins with emptiness, "Te kore", in which two gods appear: the female God of the earth "Papatuanuku", and the male god of the sky "Ranginui". The earth as we know it was created when the six children of mother earth and father sky needed more space, breaking free from between the strong embrace of their parents.


One of the children, Tane, the god of the forest, cut off the arm of his father to undo his embrace with mother earth. Tane allowed more space for him and his siblings;

Tawhiri, the god of weather; Rongo, the god of crops and peace; Tu, the god of war; Tangaroa, the god of the sea; Tane, the god of the forests and birds, and Haumia, the god of the wilderness and plants.


The darkness that they had known before disrupted and light appeared. For the first time they could see the sky.

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