Inspired by the landscape I feel most connected to, to call "Home".

The North Sea recalls foaming waves, strong tides that bring a constant change, and washed up treasures on the beach making every visit unexpected and exciting. 

North Sea Swell

€ 48,00Price
  • Slowly crafted by hand 

    - Earthenware clay hoops carefully glazed

    - Piece size ⌀28mm total length with earringhook 46mm

    - 14 karat gold wire earring hooks


    All ceramics at "When Life is Slow"  are hand made with natural materials and with glazes that contain raw materials, oxides and minerals.

    Therefore every item is unique. Even within a pair every single one will be slightly different. Working with clay is letting go and surrendering to the natural process and elements of earth, water, air and fire.