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  • Made with terracotta earthenware clay.

    Carefully and slowly hand sculpted in my garage studio.

    Glazed and painted by hand inspired by summers moments.

    One of a kind. 

    Height 28 cm


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    All vases are waterproof and suitable to use for hold flowers.

    Recommended using a small cloth underneath when displaying on a wooden surface.

  • An invitation to stand still

    Acknowledging and honoring nature, outside and within ourselves.

    Made to bring nature's essence within your home.


    Like nature's cycle of seasons flowing from one into the other.

    This series of vases has been going through a transformational process over the past few months.


    WINTER - where a feeling simmered wanting to grow.


    SPRING - slowly shapes started to formed, carefully sculpting each clay body.


    SUMMER - sparks & wild energy in the air. Hand painted illustrations covering the clay, telling their own story. The story of summer inspired by the natural world. Lush vegetable garden, homegrown blooming flower, many wild crafting adventures.  Warm summer air lifting me up, leaving me floating full of impressions. 


    AUTUMN-  once again time to slow down

    Moving into Autumn, a time when we pick the fruits from the last seasons work, intentions and focus.

    Now, it is slowly time for these vases to find a new home.