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H o n o r i n g   n a t u r e   o u t s i d e   a n d   w i t h i n   o u r s e l v e s .

Series of ceramic vases inspired by the seasons slow process.


S a n d y   c e r a m i c   e a r r i n g s 

 The North Sea recalls foaming waves, strong tides that bring a constant change, and washed up treasures on the beach making every visit unexpected and exciting. This is the landscape I feel most connected to, to call "Home".



S e e   a l l   w o r k s h o p s 

Join in one of the workshops where you will be guided through the making process of your own hand build ceramic piece! Click here to find out WHEN & WHERE.

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C u p s   f o r  " S l o w   L i f e " 

Holding one of these cups, taking a sip from your morning drink, is an invitation for reflection and setting intentions for the day which lie before you. These cups make a perfect excuse to take it slow!