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"Red dust" - a collection of earrings made during my stay in the Australian Outback at the "Pilliga Pottery".

Inspired by my many bush walks and the resilient character of the landscape, I created this series of earrings. To capture the colours of the ancient and rough terrain, each piece is created using locally sourced clay and glazes.

Each pair of earrings tell a part of my journey through this enormous continent.


Dry skin

Bushwalk -

On the move

Australian Outback,

New South Whales


summer 2018/19

Hidden away under my hat - the only part of my body protected from the relentless power of the sun – standing on top of a rock, I look down onto a whole palette of pigments, new to me, spanning deep red, sandy brown, to a mix of pale grey and green. My mouth is dry. My skin tightened from the lack of moisture in the air. One foot in front of the other, watching my step, circumventing the chain of migrating green ants.

Surrounded by the songs of thousands of cascades hiding in the bushes, the warm wind carries the perfume of blossoming eucalyptus and gumnuts. These join me on my walk, the strong earthy smell of dust crawls up my nose, covering every part of my body, reminding me how small I am compared to this rough wilderness. Nothing else so present around me as this fine dust - Red dust.

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