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Slow cups and mugs invite your to pause in this fast spinning world.


To have a moment to yourself.

To BE, breathe, feel, listen, observe

Notice the gravity of the warming cup in between your two hands.

May these cups remind you to stand still from time to time.

Let the slowing down guide you to find your own pace in your daily life.

About these Cups & Mugs


Each ''Slow Cup'' is made by hand with great care, piece by piece.


Which gives each piece a unique feel.


Made of an earth red and sand coloured stoneware clay with a natural coloured glaze.

After they have been carefully shaped by hand, the slow clay process begins.

A process in which all elements - fire, water, air and earth - play their part.

Entirely in the spirit of "When life is slow", the creation process can take 2 to 3 weeks for your cup to be ready.

Have a look at the shop to see what objects are currently available for purchase.

To place an order for your preferred cup please contact me at

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