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Slowly formed by hand with earthy and sandy stoneware clay.

Glazed in natural tones as a finish making the cups suitable for creating your own daily slow moment.

Each piece is carefully hand formed giving it a unique shape and leaving only the maker's touch.

Made in collaboration with the elements of earth, water, air and fire which all have their own natural pace.

This way I am always reminded to slow down again.

Carrying out this mindful message through my ceramics feels very needed in this every faster spinning world.

"May we embrace life at a slower pace."

Slow Cup

€ 33,00Price
  • Sandy clay body with natural toned glazing

    Size around:

    height 7,5 

    diameter 9 cm 

    Holds around 180 ml 

  • Cups & mugs are made with stoneware clay and food safe glazing suitable for daily use.

    Washing by hand recommended.