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Slowing down
to connect


Handmade ceramics ~ Clay workshops ~ more Slowness

"N o r t h   S e a  H o m e" 

s a n d y  e a r r i n g  c o l l e c t i o n 

The North Sea recalls foaming waves, strong tides that bring a constant change, and washed up treasures on the beach making every visit unexpected and exciting. This is the landscape I feel most connected to, to call "Home".


Laura - When life is slow-33.jpg


"A u t u m n  H a r v e s t" 

H o n o u r i n g   n a t u r e   o u t s i d e   

a n d   w i t h i n   o u r s e l v e s .

Series of ceramic vases telling the story of the change of the seasons.



W i t h  y o u r   h a n d s   i n   

t h e   cl a y  o u t  of   y o u r   h e a d

Learn the basics of working with this earthy material and create your own pieces.


Visit the agenda for upcoming clay workshops.

A s  a  d a i l y   r e m i n d e r   t o   t a k e   i t   S l o w 

While holding one of these cups, taking a sip from your morning drink, an invitation for reflection and setting intentions for the day which lies before you. These cups make a perfect excuse to take it slow!


397CE8D5-64EC-49D9-B570-D16BFB141771 2.JPG


"W h e n  l i f e  i s  S l o w"  s e n d  p o s t c a r d s 

Passing on the slow message.


S l o w i n g d o w n   w i t h   c l a y 

i n  N a t u r e 

Join a slow afternoon in the woods with clay and learn the basics of working with this earthy material. Open up to your creativity under the trees, in the grass and with your hands in the clay.


Atelier AMMA X When Life is Slow 

C r e a t e d  f o r  a n d  i n  c o l l a b o r a t i o n  w i t h

a t e l i e r  AMMA

Earthy handmade stoneware tableware as a daily invitation to slow down and have a moment of attention for yourself or shared with others.

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