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With Laura

Connecting with your creativity through Clay

Connecting with your inner and outer nature in the woods

Connecting with your body through Jin Shin Jyutsu

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Graduated Fine Arts in 2014 in the Hague, NL

Background in Fine Arts & now working with my hands and the earth.

Making clay pieces that invite to slow down.

Connecting with the present moment, nature outside in inside of us, and others.





Slowing down

Standing still

looking inside

guided by nature all around you

clarity, insight, connecting with your inner wisdom & strength

Join me in the wood, dunes or at the beach for nature coaching sesions.

During 5 coaching sessions of eahc 1,5 - 2 hourse within about 3 months.

we will look at your life questions with a new perspective. You will gain your inner insight in the questions or desire that are in front of you.

- 30 min phone intake 

- starting to ease into the now, where are you at the moment, arrive into the now, seeing your situation as it is.

- formulating your desire, where would you like to be in 3 months time, what do you wish

- obsecales, looking at what is holding you back at the moment.

- embodien all your natural qualities

- making a step, coming to action, afronden

Natuur coaching traject 5 sessies:


Besides that,

I offer deep relaxing and body harmonizing sessions with Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Japanse light touch art of balancing the bodies energy.

Because of our day to day life, it's beauty aswell sometimes more challanging times. our body, mind and spirit can become out of their natural balance.

stress, stresfull metions, events, exidents, health issues may be the underlaying causes.

By undergoing a Jin Shin Jyutsu session, your bodies energy brought out of balance by day to day stress, emoitons or events, health issues.

will be rebalanced in their natural flow.

For the sessions that take about 1 hour you will be dressed and laying down on a masage table.

just with your eyes closed if wished you will be undergoing the session, where I will be placing my heand on specific locations on your body to rebalnce the flow energy.

If desired, simple and relaxing "self-help" exsersisses can be tought to practise on yourself at your own pace at home or where ever you go.

intake session 90 min. 88,-

regular session 60 min. 66,- 

"WHEN LIFE IS SLOW" is about - reconnecting with the present moment, by slowing down. Returning to the beauty of simplicity, combining crafts and nature, and enjoying life at a slower pace.

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